The Campaign

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Please check on the Latest News page to see details of Highways England's recently launched Consultation on Improving the A27 Chichester Bypass.


The objective of the A27 Action campaign is to demonstrate to the Government the overwhelming economic, environmental and social case for improving the A27 across West Sussex.

The A27 was identified in 2013 as one six choke points seriously affecting the efficiency of the UK's network of trunk roads.

As a result, HM Treasury instructed the Department for Transport to undertake feasibility studies, through the Highways Agency, to determine what might be done to ease congestion at each location and unlock latent economic potential. The A27 Action partners will support the Government’s work and demonstrate how congestion on the A27 is blighting communities and stifling investment and growth along the West Sussex coast and beyond.

Infrastructure investment decisions on this scale are determined through detailed cost benefit analysis. This means understanding aspirations for economic growth and the importance of meeting the local need for new housing, and how these cannot be realised without more reliable journey times on the A27. This will require removing conflicts between local and strategic traffic at the key bottlenecks at Chichester, Arundel, Worthing and Lancing.

Alongside A27 improvement, A27 Action will call for essential complementary transport strategies on the local highway network to manage traffic and encourage use of sustainable modes of transport, particularly for short journeys. This will reduce the impact of local traffic on the A27.

To achieve local growth aspirations investment is required to:

  • improve the six junctions on A27 at Chichester including long-term improvements at Fishbourne and Bognor Road;

  • improve the A27 Worthing and Lancing corridor including the five main junctions and creating a new junction at Lancing;

  • create an A27 Arundel bypass solution;

  •  improve the A27 Fontwell junction;

  •  improve the A27 trunk road junctions at Brighton; and

  •  improve A27/A26 access to Newhaven.

Local businesses, authorities and MPs are working together to drive the A27 Action campaign so that the Government hears the call for improving the A27.